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Dress Code

Student Progress


Disruptive, inattentive, rude, or inappropriate behaviour, or inappropriate comments or profanity may result in:

Whenever behaviour threatens the safety of our gymnasts and/or coaches, SAGC reserves the right to withdraw child from program at any time without a refund.



Communication with Parents


We are only one of several renters to use the facilities at the Monterey Park Community Association. We are fortunate to be able to use the upstairs viewing area during all of our class times, however, that area is used by other groups at other times. Please respect the belongings of these other groups and items displayed on the wall. Please respect other groups in the facility at the same time and do not allow siblings and observers to run around the facility.

The parking lot is big enough to accommodate all of our families without having to use up handicap or staff parking stalls. Please respect the reasons for having these designated spots and do not park there!!