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Board of Directors

Did you know that our club is only made possible by parent volunteers like you?

Southern Alberta Gymnastic Club is operated by a Board of Directors made up entirely of parent volunteers.

Elections are held once a year at our Annual General Meeting which is held in September. We would love to have you join us and fill a position! We have board meetings once a month during our operating months.

As a non-profit society we qualify for a casino fundraiser every 18 months. The funds from the casino fundraiser go towards salaries, rent, and equipment and therefore helps us to maintain low program fees.

Board Member Benefits

After serving on the board for one year, you are eligible to enroll one student for free with the Southern Alberta Gymnastic Club for each following year while you serve on the board!
*Attendance of at least 7 of the monthly meetings and taking an active role on the board is required to qualify for free tuition.

If you are willing to help out with the board or have any questions or concerns, please tell us! We need you!

Board Meetings

SAGC Board Meetings are typically the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30, held in the Monterey Park Community Center board room (2707 Catalina Blvd NE, Calgary, Alberta)

For monthly board meetings, please email sagymclub@gmail.com to confirm date and time before attending.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Our next AGM will be in September of 2020.
Be sure to attend in order to join our board!

Board Roles

The President runs the Board meetings and oversees the operations of the Board and Club. They ensure that everything is done that is necessary for the Club to operate, including signing the rental contract. Presidential nominees must have served on the board for 1 yr first.

The Vice President runs the Board meetings if the President is unavailable. They assist in any matters that are required.

The Treasurer keeps all financial records for the Club. They pay expenses and deposit revenue. All financial records are submitted to the accountant for auditing. Then the Treasurer submits the Annual Society Return to the government.

The Secretary takes minutes at the Board meetings. They type and distribute the minutes to all board members. They keep accurate records with any additional relevant paperwork (ie. financial spreadsheet) for each meeting then submit the year’s records for filing with the Club’s yearly records.

The Payroll person ensures that every coach submits a “direct deposit” form in a timely manner. They collect biweekly hours from the Head Coach and report them to ADP Canada, the payroll company. They must stay up to date on changes to minimum wage and ensure that all coaches are paid correctly. They receive and distribute paystubs and maintain all employee files. They ensure that all contracts, certificates, and other requirements are up to date. A form must be filed with AGLC every time wages change for our senior coaches or a senior coach is added. They also take out adolescent work permits when required.

The Registrar keeps accurate records of all registered members and ensures that all fees are collected. They submit registration records to AGF and type up class lists and give them to the Head coach in a timely manner.

The Coach's Liason is responsible for ensuring that coach certification is up to date. They communicate with the coaches when required training becomes available and assists them in registering for those courses.

The Casino Coordinator oversees our casino event. They ensure all paperwork and requirements are fulfilled with AGLC. They coordinate volunteers for all shifts and days of the casino event. They keep accurate records and inform volunteers of the rules and responsibilities of working a casino.

The Equipment & Special Orders Coordinator is responsible for ordering any gymnastics equipment, uniforms for coaches, and promotional material for the club.

The Web & Social Media Coordinator maintains the SAGC website and Facebook pages. They are responsible for having updated information online to communicate to parents. They reply to any Facebook messages and pass information along as required.

The Publicity Coordinator arranges and oversees any advertising (Brite Signs, MPCA signs, flyers etc) required for each registration period. They update the brochure and information packages going out to parents.

The Communications Coordinator checks emails in a timely manner and responds accordingly. They send informational emails when deemed necessary.

The Community Hall Coordinator is responsible to ensure that the community centre is booked for classes, meetings, and any additional bookings that the gymnastic club may require.

Members at Large attend regular monthly meetings and assist where required (ie. Pre and general registration nights, purchasing items, organizing other special events)